Eric Lambert

General Manager / Owner

In 2006, I founded Grass Monkey, a lawn and landscape service provider that has since become one of the leading providers in the area. Before starting Grass Monkey, I worked in various design-related professions for several years. After being downsized from a corporate role in retail advertising, I decided to pursue more independent work. Despite having a mortgage and three young children to support, my wife encouraged me to follow this less secure path, which led to many years of freedom and success as a model and freelance designer.

My experience of "making it on my own" sparked an entrepreneurial line of thinking, which eventually led me to test various types of entrepreneurial work. By chance, I began to help friends and aging relatives with lawn and landscape maintenance, which I quickly found that I loved. Seeing the transformation of a shabby lawn into a neat and tidy freshly cut lawn, or a property with newly edged beds and fresh coat of mulch, brought me a lot of satisfaction. But more than the work, I loved the relationships that Grass Monkey and I built with our clients. Many of our clients have been with us since we started in 2006, and I'm grateful for their loyalty and appreciation.

At Grass Monkey, our core values are growth, value, teamwork, and positivity. We believe these values, along with our great team members, are the cornerstone of our company. As we continue to grow and offer more comprehensive services, building a team of like-minded individuals remains critical. I'm humbled by the hard work and commitment of our team members, who are the reason for our continued success. Some team members have gone on to pursue other interests, while others have been with us for years and play key roles in our company. Nevertheless, the values and people of our past, present, and future are what make Grass Monkey a top lawn and landscape service provider in the area.

Our First Lawn Mower


Meet the Best of the Best at Grass Monkey! We take immense pride in acknowledging the exceptional individuals who have graced our team over the years. Selected for their outstanding understanding and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional and efficient service to our clients, these team members embody the ethos of Grass Monkey. They take genuine pride in their work, themselves, and their invaluable contributions to our company.

Many of these remarkable individuals have moved on to pursue the next chapter of their lives, but their legacy continues to resonate within Grass Monkey. We are immensely grateful and proud to have had them as part of our team. Their dedication and contributions have left an indelible mark, shaping the very essence of what Grass Monkey represents. They will forever remain a vital part of the Grass Monkey family.

Mark K.

2008-2010 | Mowing

Scott K.

2008-2012 | Mowing

Mike C.

2011-2015 | Landscape

Josiah D.

2017-2019 | Landscape

Chris L.

2008-2022 | Mowing

Dane L.

2010-2022 | Mowing

Anders F.

20018-2023 | Landscape

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