Bed Preperation & Mulch Installation

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Our team has the experience and equipment to install your mulch efficiently and beautifully.  Our bed preparation, weeding and trenching along bed edges, grooming plants and pruning hedges prior to installation will provide an even more spectacular transformation of your landscape.

Grass Monkey Professional Mulch Installation

How The Best is Done

Bed Preperation

At Grass Monkey, our bed preparation is the key to spactacular looking beds. We start by removing or using targeted spraying to address weeds, ensuring a clean canvas. Our team then trims and grooms perennials, redefines bed edges for a polished look, and clears the area of excess mulch and debris. This careful process is aimed at promoting both aesthetics and plant health, reflecting our commitment to thoughtful landscape care.

Installation Details

Mulch is applied at a depth of 2-3 inches and, meticulously smoothed by hand to achieve uniformity. Our approach ensures that mulch is spread up to, yet not filling, bed edges, promoting a neat and defined appearance. Beneath plants, we take care to avoid suffocating or contacting the bark at the base of trees and shrubs. This careful application is not just about aesthetics but also about fostering a healthy environment for your landscape to thrive.

Blowing and Clean-up

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mulch installation to meticulous cleanup. Following the mulching process, we take the extra steps to ensure a pristine landscape. Our team diligently blows and sweeps all surrounding areas. We conduct double and triple checks to guarantee that no detail has been overlooked. Finally, we haul away and responsibly dispose of natural debris, leaving your outdoor space not just beautifully mulched but also impeccably tidy.

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What Our Customers Say

"Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsivness, Value. Grass Monkey is a great business, very professional . My parents use this business for landscaping and it’s absolutely perfect!! Would highly recommend Grass Monkey for lawn and landscaping needs."

Shelia Huffman


"Grass Monkey did a spring cleanup for me. Cory did a fantastic job pruning all my shrubs and trees. He was so knowledgeable about the large variety of plants in my yard and the pruning was done with such precision. My beds were weeded, edged, and mulched, and boulders were placed throughout my beds. Everyone who worked on my yard were friendly and very respectful of my family and my property. I couldn’t be more impressed and pleased with their service"

Judy Sawyer

Centerville / Saddle Creek

"Grass Monkey did an amazing job cleaning up our landscaping. They were very professional and courteous while working. I’m very pleased and would hire them again!"

Jennifer Dmitruk

Washington Township