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Grass Monkey's Landscape Maintenance Service, where knowledge, professionalism, and reliability converge. Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to ensuring your landscape thrives. With regularly scheduled visits, we attend to shrub trimming, weed eradication, and debris cleanup in beds and landscapes. Rest assured, with Grass Monkey, your landscape is in capable and caring hands.

Basic Package

5 visits / Bi-Monthly

This plan is ideal for minimal landscapes, rental properties or If you plan on doing a little additional work yourself.  We will do general clearing of typical yard debris, weeding of beds, apply pre-emergent, standard shrub trimming, and cut back perennials and "bulk style" leaf cleanup.  This plan will help with a basic level of maintenance.  Given the limited frequency of visits, clients should expect a few recurring weeds and some level of decline between visits.  

Club Package

9 visits / Monthly

Built for clients who want their property to be nicely maintained throughout the year.   This is our most popular frequency. This package offers the 5 visit package items listed above plus 4 additional visits to stay in front of standard maintenance items.  Clients should expect minimal levels of returning weeds and decline in appearance between visits. This plan fits clients who want a maintenance free lifestyle and desire a nicely maintained landscape.

Estate Package

15 visits / Bi-Weekly

This package is designed for those who desire a meticulously maintained landscape or properties that require more frequent attention.  With this schedule, our teams really get to know you and the unique details of your landscape. Once maintained, clients should expect a weed free environment and detailed level of maintenance that is the envy of the neighborhood.  

What Our Customers Say

"I am very satisfied with this company's professionalism and they do a great job on my lawn. I thought I did a good job but these guys had my lawn looking better than it ever has! Price is very good. Would highly recommend Grass Monkey if you are in need of lawn services."

Dean Houston


"We have been using Grass Monkey for the past 3 mowing seasons.  I have never been more pleased with that decision.  Due to some health issues a few years back, I asked a couple of my neighbors how they liked their different lawn services.  In all cases, those using Grass Monkey clients were all pleased with GM's service and their lawns showed it.  We signed on with them, and even with me back on my feet, have allowed them to continue caring for my lawn.  Need a class operation to take care of your lawn, go hire a “Monkey!"

Tom Berry

Country Path

"This is our first year using Grass Monkey after having a couple of years with another company that was not getting the job done.  We observed Grass Monkey caring for our neighbor’s yard.  They do a nice job of edging without scalping areas.  Everything is blown clean at the end of the session, and they get to some of the odd spots in the lawn that were normally overlooked in the past.  Last fall they did a very thorough job with leaf removal and clean up at our neighbor’s yard, which we will definitely use.  So far we are very happy with their service."

Nancy Stahl


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